100% Volunteer Driven

Volunteers...that is what makes Saratoga Youth Lacrosse happen...100% of the time.

As a pre-requisite to your child playing within the SYLA organization, we do ask for your availability to volunteer when called upon. We will work around your schedule and your area of volunteer interest. Please contact the committee chair to volunteer your time.

  • Apparel

    Responsible for sales of the apparel to the players and families. These volunteers will be asked to work 1-2 nights during the week or Saturdays during the spring practices and Sundays during the fall practices to sell apparel
  • Banner Sales

    This team is responsible for selling banners to be hung on the fences around the fields each season, and looking into other ways to fundraise and getting it done. Banners should be sold in the fall prior to the new year for businesses to add this to their budgets.
  • Coaches Equipment

    These volunteers are responsible for inventorying and disbursement of the equipment at the start of each season and collecting the equipment at the end of each season. This volunteer will also replenish supplies as needed throughout the seasons when coaches call to request additional supplies.

    These volunteers are also responsible for the purchasing of medical supplies for each team's first-aid kit, disbursement of the kits at the start of the spring season and collecting the kits at the end of the spring season. This volunteer will also replenish supplies as needed throughout the season when coaches call to request additional supplies.

    This team will be responsible for keeping the equipment shed in order as well.

  • Coaching

    We are always looking for more parents to volunteer as coaches. Many of our coaches travel with their jobs and cannot make every practice or game and having others to help is priceless.
  • Concessions

    SYLA will offer concession stands at our fields on game days. Volunteers in this area will set up the concession area, breakdown the concession area and working the concession stand on game day.

    This team will be responsible for setting up the concession stand at the beginning of the spring, cleaning it out, purchasing product, running the concession stand. Coffee pots need to be cleaned after each use and returned to the concession stand, refrigerators occasionally need to be cleaned out.

  • Field Cleanup

    Field cleanup involves the picking up of trash, water bottles and any equipment or clothing left at the fields after the games. Emptying the trash cans and taking the trash to the PBA dumpster over by their building and putting a new liner in the trash cans. During Round Robins these trash cans may need to be emptied multiple times.
  • Field Maintenance

    Field maintenance involves the lining of the playing fields prior the start of the seasons, and maintaining the lines on the fields throughout the year. Additional lines are setup for Summer Camps as asked by the coaches. Keeping the lines from disappearing is the big task, once the lines are lost it takes more time to remark them. Fresh lines should be in place for each game day.

    This team will also be responsible for making sure the goals and goal nets are in good shape, fixed/replaced as need be. Maintaining the blue fences around the fields making sure they are in good shape, tied up as need and all banner and signs are in place around the fields.

    • Trimming around fences, sheds
    • Watering the fields, purchasing gas for Water Reel
    • Purchasing Field lining paint
  • Spring Setup / Fall Packup

    This team will be responsible for getting all of the goals, trash cans out of the equipment shed at the beginning of the season and setup up for the season. When needed these goals, trash cans, pop-up tents will be shipped over to Gavin Park for the Saratoga Shootout. At the end of the fall season when everyone is done using the fields, the goals, trash cans need to be put away into the equipment shed.
  • Team Parent / Manager Committee

    This team is responsible for helping the coaches in many ways:

    • Collecting medical release forms
    • Collecting code of conduct forms
    • Paying referees at home games and collecting receipts
    • Paying round robin fees at away games
    • Collecting fees from local teams at our home round robins (girls, boys 5-8 grade)
    • Lining up High School boys and girls to referee the boy’s 3/4 round robins, and the girl’s round robins
    • Learning how to use the registration system and teaching coaches
    • Sending emails for coaches if needed
  • Uniform Committee

    This team will be responsible for getting price bids from several vendors for boy’s uniforms (pinnie, shorts, t-shit) girl’s uniform (pinnie) and making a recommendation to the SYLA Board. Two days will be set up for parents to come and try on for sizing and parents will order sizes online. Once registration is complete this team will collate all the uniform information and place the order with the vendor. When the order is complete this team will be responsible for distributing to the players/parents.

If you can't play nice
Play Lacrosse!

Your Lacrosse Goals Should be out of reach. But never out of sight.

We believe that sportsmanship is a way of life and will conduct
all activities in a manner that will set an example of good
sportsmanship and friendly competition for our young players.

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